10 reasons to introduce Reader Leader

How your school could benefit.


Reader Leader is our one-to-one peer-reading scheme where a more confident reader (the Leader) is paired with a less confident reader (the Reader). It can be adapted for either a primary or a secondary school setting, with pairs meeting for half an hour at least once a week in a dedicated space (e.g. the school library). Typically, the Leader is from an older year group. Leaders are given training by The Children’s Literacy Charity.

Here are 10 brilliant reasons to introduce Reader Leader to your school:

1) It gives students the opportunity to catch up with their reading and gain confidence with reading out loud.
2) The scheme is delivered by students, meaning that many children can be supported simultaneously with minimal input from staff.
3) Support is highly-personalised – the Leader can help with everything from choosing a book they think their Reader will enjoy, to explaining new vocabulary, to encouraging their Reader to pay attention to full-stops.
4) The impact is measurable, and proven. We provide a straightforward assessment that can be delivered by the Leader.
5) Leaders are empowered. Through our charity, they receive training in everything from phonics to how to deliver a successful literacy session. Taking part gives them the opportunity to try out new skills and gain experience that will not only enhance their CV but may also give them ideas about what they might to do in future.
6) Links are built between year groups, strengthening the school community. Schools report that they have found pairing year 7 students with those in higher years a useful way to aid the transition to secondary school.
7) It fosters commitment as students know the other one will be waiting for them.
8) It helps to create a culture of reading within a school.
9) Taking part in Reader Leader can have a huge impact on children’s wider learning, be it firing their imagination, giving them the confidence to speak up in class or enhancing their ability to interpret and answer exam questions swiftly.
10) Reader Leader can be adapted to suit your school setting. We are happy to help you find a format that works for you! If you’d like to introduce Reader Leader to your school, then get in touch.

Find out what Reader Leader looks like at The Knights Templar School in Hertfordshire.

  • "I understand the plot of a story better than when I first started."

    - a Year 8 Reader at The Knights Templar School