The Children’s Literacy Charity partnered with Fenstanton School, Lambeth, in September 2012. We were approached for an appropriate intervention in the school where children were significantly behind their classmates, as the school needed help with narrowing gaps in their learning; it was impotant to Fenstanton School that every child would have the same opportunities to fulfil their potential.


The Children’s Literacy Charity highly values the support it receives from volunteers. All our volunteers receive the highest quality training that equips them with the skills to enter a school or community space to deliver the intervention with confidence.

Volunteers can help up to as many as 3 children to develop their literacy abilities using our intervention. Volunteers use phonics-based tuition in a multi-sensory way, along with reading activities and literacy games in a fun way that help children and young people with spelling and comprehension.


The largetst area of The Children’s Literacy Charity’s work is the provision of bespoke, high-quality, one-to-one literacy interventions that take place within a Literacy Lab. Literacy Labs can be set up in available spaces within schools.

By working through Literacy Labs, The Children’s Literacy Charity aim to dramatically narrow or in some cases close literacy gaps for children and young people as early as possible. The intensive tuition is delivered on a one-to-one basis by highly trained experts who are qualified to teach children with specific learning difficulties.


Carolyn Clarke (Head of Educational Development) has worked extensively in the area of Communication Language and Literacy Development, most recently as a National Strategies regional adviser on the CLLD programme. She is a qualified teacher, a Reading Recovery Teacher and a SpLD Tutor with wide teaching experience in city schools.


Charlie was referred to The Children’s Literacy Charity when she was six years old. Charlie’s teacher felt she needed one-to-one support as she the teacher was having great difficulties responding to her learning needs in a classroom context.


The Children’s Literacy Charity believe the biggest impact on a child’s literacy development comes from the support of parents, carers and supportive adults. We provide a range of resources to help you to help your child to overcome their difficulties with literacy.