Success story: Alix

Alix, 21, received our support at primary school. He is now in his second year of a BSc in Computer Sciences at Middlesex University. He says:

“In class, I lacked a lot of confidence and struggled to answer questions. My mouth would move but nothing would come out – it was embarrassing. Going out of class and having one-to-one sessions allowed me to really focus. I felt like I could ask my tutor, Jane, anything, even if it may have sounded stupid. I have dyslexia and found reading tricky, but Jane showed me how to break words down into chunks and pronounce them one part at a time. This really helped me.

Now I’m studying for a degree in Computer Sciences at Middlesex University. It can be tricky, but I know that if I apply myself for long enough I will get the hang of things eventually. The support I received from The Children’s Literacy Charity definitely helped me to find this confidence in myself and realise that I can achieve. It was a life-changing experience! ”