Our impact

How we are changing children's lives


We are proud to present our IMPACT REPORT 2018/19.

In 2018/19…

12,000 hours of support were delivered.

Over 500 children were supported across all our programmes.

Specialist support was delivered by our trained tutors in 21 Literacy Labs during school hours and in 6 Community Literacy Labs outside school hours.

On average, the children we supported were 14 months behind when they started our Literacy Lab intervention, by the time they graduate, they are 5 months ahead.

Of the children who completed our intervention in our school-based Literacy Labs:
90% either closed or narrowed their literacy gap
69% either closed their reading age gap entirely

We had the highest ever ratio gain average at 4.5 in reading and comprehension, meaning that for every one month a child is on our programme, they make 4.5 months progress.

Find out about the Literacy Labs where much of our work takes place.

  • Our intervention offers a 'gold standard' in the provision of phonics-based instruction.

    - Validation by the University of Sheffield.