“In our experience, the work of the Children’s Literacy Charity is the only proven intervention to raise Reading standards for our youngest pupils struggling to keep up with their peers. The school has tried many interventions and in terms of value for money and the quality of the tutors, no other intervention comes close to matching their work.”

James Robinson, Head, Camelot School, London SE15

As a high quality, specialist literacy programme it is important to us to demonstrate clear evidence of the impact of our work.

Independently validated by the University of Sheffield, our results speak for themselves:

Our latest impact data shows:

  • For every one month of tuition, pupils made 4.5 months of progress
  • On average pupils were 17 months behind their peers in reading when they started and six months ahead when they graduated
  • 96% of pupils who graduated narrowed their literacy gap in reading and comprehension
  • Over two thirds (71%) of graduates closed their reading age gap completely, gaining on average two years and five months

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It’s not just about the numbers though, something rather magical happens in our Literacy and our Reading Labs: 

Away from busy classrooms and sometime chaotic home lives, children who may have multiple barriers to learning get individual encouragement and dedicated time just for themselves.

We find out what sort of learners they are; we make it fun and engaging and we provide a safe, nurturing environment where children grow in confidence, self esteem and resilience. 

As a child makes progress in closing their literacy gap, they engage with their learning and begin to thrive.