The Children’s Literacy Charity has from day one partnered with schools, working closely and collaboratively to support those disadvantaged children who need the most help.

While independently managed by us, our tutors become part of the school community; some have worked at the same schools for many years.

Once a child has been referred to the charity, we liaise closely with head teachers, SENCOs, class teachers and support staff to ensure that child is supported as effectively as possible. For example, if a teacher notices a child is struggling with a particular area in class, we can plan follow-up work. Our tutors can also visit children’s classrooms during learning time, encouraging them to apply strategies they have been using in the Literacy Lab during whole-class learning. We will work with the school to create an approach that best supports an individual child and echoes the school’s goals and priorities. 

For more information on how our school partnerships work, click here: Schools Page.

Supporting Families

Families play a vital role in supporting a child’s learning.

Wherever possible, we encourage parents or carers to get involved and we undertake a number of activities designed to encourage parental engagement:

  • when a child has a Literacy Lab place, we offer parents the opportunity to visit and see our work in action
  • we work with the school to set up coffee mornings for parents to meet and learn more
  • we also run parent workshops, introducing them to our work so that they can support their child at home. Topics include:

Reading and Comprehension
Talking and Communicating with your child
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

With family support and encouragement, we know our children do better.

We use our experience and knowledge to share ideas and top tips for literacy support at home.  To find out more, click here: Helping Your Child at Home.