We recruit and train our own tutors who are carefully chosen for their experience and ability to work with hard to reach children.


  • Teach and reinforce phonics  explicitly, using a range of approaches which can then be applied to meaningful reading and writing activities which are in line with quality first teaching.
  • Stay with the child across two or three terms, sometimes longer.  That means twice a week for 45 minutes the child has consistent and individualised support with the same tutor which builds confidence, skills and resilience and inspires a positive attitude to learning.
  • Are experienced in quickly forming productive, collaborative relationships with school staff, children, and their families.  They take their lead from the context of the school that they are in and tailor the provision to that context so their work is complementary and based on a real understanding of the child’s needs.
  • Tuition work is rooted in best practice and mirrors curriculum expectations; information is shared and links are evident between intervention and the classroom. 


Many of the pupils referred to us by the school are struggling to make progress in the mainstream classroom and have a significant literacy gap. In particular, we support those:

  • Who are working below age related expectations
  • Not accessing the curriculum for their year group
  • With Individual Learning Plans or in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding
  • 83% of the children we helped in 2020/21 faced one of more of the following barriers:
    • Coming from a disadvantaged background and living in areas of deprivation, being eligible for pupil premium funding (PP) or free school meals (FSM)
    • Learning English as an Additional Language
    • Having parents or carers who also struggle with literacy
    • Having a special educational need such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or mild autism
    • Experiencing a lack of support at home and/or disrupted school attendance