We are a small charity with a big impact, working to close the literacy gap for disadvantaged children

As specialists in literacy tuition we help prevent the children who are the most behind from being left behind

Working in primary schools in areas of deprivation, our expert tutors seek to unlock the potential of disadvantaged children who can be up to two years behind where they should be, not just with reading but with all the important literacy skills: writing, comprehension, listening and speaking.

After one month of our specialist tuition, children can catch up by four and a half months. Two thirds of the children we support close their literacy gap completely.

By giving disadvantaged children the chance to catch up with their peers our life changing literacy tuition broadens horizons, creating the opportunity to engage fully with education and ultimately to step ahead.

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The magic of our Literacy Labs

Listen to our tutor Andrea talk about how a Literacy Lab works and why the Head thinks it is so special.

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Literacy Lab Logo

Literacy Lab – our 1:1 and 1:3 expert intervention for younger primary school children (KS1), developing all the important literacy skills and tailored to a child’s individual needs.

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Reading Lab – our 1:3 programme for older pupils (KS2), focussed on reading comprehension, fluency and vocabulary skills ahead of the important transition to secondary school.

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Transforming Lives; Improving Life Chances

Better literacy enables greater choice in life and over our many years of expert tutoring we have helped thousands of children to close their literacy gap and broaden their horizons.

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