Here at the Children’s Literacy Charity our goal is to close the literacy gap for disadvantaged children, making sure that those who are the most behind are not left behind. 

In our Literacy Labs, our expert tutors work with children who are struggling to keep up with all the important literacy skills: not just reading but also writing, comprehension, listening and speaking.

Without these essential skills, the world becomes a much harder place for disadvantaged children and some never manage to close their literacy gap.

By the time they leave primary school, one in three disadvantaged children cannot read or write at the expected level for 11-year-olds.* The risk is that these children are left behind, not just in school but in life. These are the children our charity is here to help. 

Working in primary schools in areas of deprivation, we aim to unlock the potential of children who can be up to two years behind where they should be. Disadvantaged children often face multiple barriers: they may have disruptive family lives, special educational needs or parents who struggle with their own literacy.

We believe the earlier we support a child, the better the outcome: for every one month of our tuition, a child can make four to five months of progress. Over two thirds of the children we ‘graduate’ close their literacy gap completely. Every disadvantaged child deserves a fair chance to catch up and get one step ahead. Closing the literacy gap has never been more important.  

The magic of our Literacy Labs

Listen to our tutor Andrea talk about how a Literacy Lab works and why the Head thinks it is so special.