Disadvantaged children can really struggle to make progress.

Some start at school with communication skills so poor, they cannot even be properly assessed.

Many of these children simply don’t engage in the classroom and, because they lack confidence, they can become disruptive.  Even in the best schools with the best teachers and assistants, our structured and specialist literacy support can make a real difference to the children who need our help the most.

Our ethos at the Children’s Literacy Charity is that the earlier we can provide our expert literacy support, the greater the chance that a disadvantaged child can catch up with their peers and engage with learning.

Being a Children’s Literacy Charity Expert Tutor is both challenging and highly rewarding.

Our tutors usually have a background in teaching or working with disadvantaged children. They are employed, trained and managed by the charity to deliver our highly regarded phonics-based programme which covers all the literacy skills: reading, writing, comprehension, speaking and listening.  We hold regular tutor team meetings where we share best practice and training.

 Our tutors know how to build trusted relationships with children who can be resistant to trying and terrified of failing; we use a multi-sensory approach tailored to a child’s individual learning style and with the right encouragement, in a safe space, we create the opportunity for a child to flourish.