A primary and secondary school reading scheme where younger pupils (Readers) are mentored by students in older year groups (Leaders) for 18 weeks or more.

The Reader Leader training can be delivered in both primary and secondary schools. We recommend that the Leaders are Year 10 or Year 12 in secondary school and Year 5 or Year 6 in primary schools. The training is a full day for secondary students and a morning for primary students. Once set up, the programme usually runs for 18 weeks or more and is managed by the school.
Schools tell us this programme helps embed a culture of reading and we are now rolling out Reader Leader in primary schools for year 6 pupils to mentor year 2 and 3 pupils.

“I have learnt that praising the reader is so important because it makes them feel more confident.”
“I now remember everything about phonics and I think I will be able to help my reader.”
“Reader Leader has motivated me to read more interesting and enjoyable books. It’s a great start to the day.”
“My reader used to stumble over long words but can now break them down and reads more smoothly.”
“It has taken time but I now know my reader’s interests and I help to choose books with the right level of challenge.”
“Asking the Readers comprehension questions, has improved my own comprehension and the way that I think about the books that I read.”

If you are interested in either secondary or primary Reader Leader mentoring training, please contact us at for more information.