Here are some of our fantastic tutors who share our vision and dedicate themselves to transforming the lives of disadvantaged children.

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Even if we don’t have any immediate vacancies, please sign up as we are keen to build a bank of potential tutors for our Literacy Labs in London and Manchester.


Before joining the charity, Jose trained as a secondary school teacher and was also a visiting lecturer at two universities.  She found that providing one-to-one support in tutorials the most satisfying aspect of her work and on learning about the CLC was inspired by the opportunity to help young children close their literacy gap so that they could flourish further on in their education.

Jose believes that closing the literacy gap allows children to achieve their potential and has a profound impact on the individual’s future prospects: socially, financially and emotionally. 

Of her work with the charity, Jose says:

“It is a privilege to support a child to develop their confidence and ability to read and write.

I love the moment when they ‘get it’ and can start blending sounds to read words. I also enjoy not only discovering a child’s literacy needs but also finding out about their personality and their likes and dislikes, and then combining these to produce resources that will help them in a way they enjoy.”


Carole has worked as an Adult Speech and Language Therapist for more than 20 years and has found that she uses many of the skills and knowledge she has built up in this role to support the children she tutors.

“Knowledge of communication is central to literacy skills and I became a CLC tutor because I wanted to help children and the 1:1 approach suits my teaching style.  There is no child who comes to the Literacy Lab who does not make progress.

We give children confidence in their ability to read and write; we help them overcome barriers to literacy and create the opportunity for them to be on an even playing field with their peers. The individual approach works because they have someone who focuses on their strengths”.

Carole believes that literacy is the cornerstone to learning and achievement at school as well as in life:

“Gaining a high degree of literacy gives a child choices.”


Julia started at the charity as a volunteer, having worked as an administrator in higher education. Following two years as a trained volunteer, she decided she wanted a more rewarding job that helped disadvantaged children and the charity sponsored her study for a specialist qualification in specific learning difficulties. She has been a tutor for over 15 years!

Julia says:

“Seeing the difference we can make to a child’s confidence and self-esteem when they learn to read and write is humbling.  I feel privileged to work one-to-one with children and this is what makes our charity unique.

Our greatest impact is the increase in confidence, motivation to learn and willingness to try independently that we see in the children who come to Literacy Lab.  While our assessments demonstrate the quantitative success of our work, it is these attitudinal changes that are so often remarked upon by school staff.

I really enjoy building a relationship with each child in a one-to-one setting and planning every session to focus on that child’s specific needs. I am continually learning from the children too and this makes the role even more rewarding as it always feels like a new journey with each child.”