The Charity has always placed a high value on building strong and positive relationships, not just with pupils and schools but with families and the local community.

When a parent or carer engages with their child’s education, all the evidence shows this has a powerful impact on a child’s attitude to learning and their aspirations. We encourage families to engage with their child’s learning, both at school and at home, and show how much they value education through support and encouragement.

We work closely with schools to ensure that parents and carers are informed and involved in their child’s learning journey through our literacy programmes.

We encourage parents to use our website to access resources and articles to support their child at home. We keep in regular contact with parents to update them on their children’s progress and achievements and they are kept informed about our programmes through a termly newsletter. Parents are always welcome to speak to our tutors if they require more information or ideas about helping their child at home.

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