We are committed to being part of the literacy solution. Here's how...

The Covid pandemic has cast a long shadow over education: all the evidence shows it is disadvantaged children who have been most affected and at the greatest risk of being left behind. That is why our vital literacy intervention is needed now, more than ever before. Our specially-trained literacy tutors work with children who face a range of disadvantages and help them close their literacy gap. We are unique in this respect.

There are many organisations which support the drive for better literacy, whether through widely-regarded local volunteer-led reading programmes or high level campaigning work. We differ because we employ specialist tutors who help children to catch up across the entire range of literacy skills (reading, comprehension, writing, speaking and listening).

We work closely with schools and communities in London and Manchester to identify the children who have the greatest need and who will benefit most from our expertise. In 2017/18, 91% of the children we supported were either eligible for Pupil Premium, or had a Special Educational Need (SEN), or spoke English as an Additional Language (EAL) (which can be a barrier to learning when coupled with economic disadvantage).

In schools, our support is provided through our one-to-one and one-to-three literacy interventions which take place in our Literacy Labs. These interventions are delivered by trained tutors using a systematic phonics-based programme tailored to meet the individual child’s needs. We place a strong emphasis on creating a nurturing, safe environment which allows children to tackle new challenges and ultimately to catch up with their literacy.

Validation work by the University of Sheffield identified our intervention as offering a ‘gold standard in the provision of theoretically-informed phonics instruction’ delivered with ‘reliability and efficiency’.

In addition to our work in schools, we provide support through our Community Literacy Labs – an out of school service where we partner with schools and local community organisations to reach children struggling with literacy challenges.

We also have a Reader Leader peer reading programme.

In addition, we provide high quality training and consultancy to education professionals working in the field of children’s literacy, including training and resources for parents.

You can read more about our impact here.

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