Every day in our Literacy Labs is a celebration of books, but World Book Day is an opportunity to do something extra special!

This year, every Literacy Lab received two wonderful new books, Look Up! by Nathan Bryon (illustrated by Dapo Adeola) and Our Tower by Joseph Coelho (illustrated by Richard Johnson).

Our tutors enjoyed sharing the books with the children and introduced a variety of activities including amazing drawings of meteor showers, paper astronauts with character profiles and descriptions inspired by the story in Look Up! They explored positive and negative vocabulary and drew maps and their own designs of a tree-grown man inspired by Our Tower, and also created wonderful literacy paperchains, linking elements of the story together.

Our highly trained tutors help children to delve into the magical world of books and develop a joy of reading. 

We were really impressed with the children’s creativity for World Book Day this year. Our highly trained tutors teach the building blocks of reading, supporting young children to apply their phonics and practice their reading fluency in order to delve into the magical world of books and develop a joy of reading. 

In our dedicated Literacy Lab spaces in primary schools, we help disadvantaged children to close their literacy gap and our expert tuition covers all the key areas of literacy, with a particular focus on comprehension as well as reading, writing, speaking and listening.

We had a great week celebrating World Book Day 2023, and as you can see from all the photographs the children really enjoyed our chosen books!

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