Our new one-to-three intervention for KS2 pupils meets the Department for Education’s criteria for the School-Led Tutoring funding.

Designed as a 10-week, catch-up reading intervention for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils, this high-quality, one-to-three programme uses our own expert tutors and the trial data provides powerful evidence of the impact in closing the literacy gapon average, pupils narrowed their reading age gap by eight months.

The catch-up programme delivers a 45-minute, 1:3 session twice a week, at a cost of £270 per pupil, providing 15 hours of tuition in total over 10 weeks.  Using the Government’s 75% subsidy, your school would pay £67 per pupil for one term of tuition.

Email info@theclc.org.uk for more information or to arrange a call or visit.

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