Over the Summer we are sharing some of our favourite children’s books. Susy, our Senior Fundraising Manager has chosen Otis Lemon and the Spectacular Submarine by Mark Lemon – a seaside adventure story with wonderful illustrations.

“I’ve always thought there is something magical about the seaside and the sound of the sea” says Susy. “In this book, you join Otis on a magical seaside and underwater adventure, involving a spectacular submarine, a large whale and not forgetting Professor Uncle Poopy! Just writing the word ‘poopy’ ignites your inner childish sense of humour, and always makes my 8 year old son laugh!

As a Mum to a mixed-race son, I wanted to find books with non-white characters and found this wonderfully illustrated story, and set at the seaside too! The author Mark Lemon (with two mixed-race children of his own) decided to create a series of exciting story books with non-white characters. With thrilling tales and beautiful adventures he created the Otis & Thea Lemon series.

The wonderful illustrations in this book, really bring the story to life. From depicting Otis visiting Professor Uncle Poopy’s workshop and seeing his spectacular submarine for the first time. To embarking on their underwater adventure, being swallowed up by a large whale… and their imagination and ingenuity to escape!”

Here at The Children’s Literacy Charity, we want children to experience the joy that can come from reading, whether it’s being swept up in a story or marvelling over mind-boggling facts. To support the development of the imagination and promote reading for pleasure, our tutors use high quality picture books and appealing writing resources.  At the end of the session, children have free rein to choose a book and either read independently or share-read with their tutor. Find out about the magic of our Literacy Labs.

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