Over the Summer we are sharing some of our favourite children’s books. Beata, our Programme Delivery Manager has chosen a second book by Joe Todd-Stanton; The Secret of Black Rock

“This book inspires in young children an awareness of the natural world, its wonders and its importance.” reflects Beata. “And it’s a great read for children when heading to a beach holiday destination.”

“The story introduces us to Erin, whose mother is a fisherwoman who goes fishing, and like other fishermen, she is worried about crashing into the mysterious and dangerous Black Rock.

The story is simply told through the wonderful and engaging illustrations by Joe Todd-Stanton. Every day Erin tries to hide on her mother’s boat so that she can see the Black Rock for herself and every day, Archie, the dog would sniff her out. But one day Erin outsmarts Archie and unbeknown to her mother, hid and sails towards the Black Rock. The sea becomes rough and the boat turns upside down with Erin sinking deep into the dark waters around the Black Rock.

Rather than feeling scared, Erin’s eyes open with wonder at the sight of an underwater secret and she enters a rich sea animal kingdom where many animals live safely in a protective proximity of the Black Rock:  glowing jellyfish, koi carp and anglerfish among others. And, Erin understands that the Black Rock is a shelter to and a protector of many animals. The Black Rock extends its supportive arm and takes Erin back to the safety of the shore. 

As Erin explains what she saw to all the fishermen in her village, she educates them on the real nature of the Rock. This is a magical and beautifully illustrated picture book aimed at Early Years and KS1 children, but is a joy to any age of reader with its unassuming environmental lesson about the world around us, how to better understand it and look after it, in the way that benefits the environment as well as us.”

…watch out Beata, looks like a crab has escaped from Black Rock and is pinching your nose! 🙂

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