Over the Summer we are sharing some of our favourite children’s books. Susy, our Senior Fundraising Manager has shared her second book suggestion; Look Up! by Nathan Bryon and illustrated by Dapo Adeola.

“What better time of the year, than Summer to ‘Look Up!’ into a clear nights sky, and spot the stars.” says Susy. This book is a wonderfully written, and uplifting story about a little girl called Rocket who is on a mission to get everyone to Look Up and see The Phoenix Meteor Shower! Even, her big brother Jamal, who is constantly looking down at his mobile phone. Sound familiar?

I think we can all take a leaf (or a star) our of Rocket’s book, and look up more from our mobile phones. The beautiful illustrations capture the story and characters brilliantly – I just love, and I’m quite jealous of Rocket’s fabulous orange Astronaut suit! The story tells us that Rocket got her name because a famous rocket blasted off on the day she was born and that Rocket herself, would like to be like the great Mae Jamison, the first African-American women in space.

Throughout the story Rocket tells us Did You Know facts about meteors. DID YOU KNOW, meteor showers happen when Earth moves through the trail of dust left by a comet and that the best time to see a meteor shower is when it’s dark with no clouds?

My 8 year-old son, has a space and rocket themed bedroom, and here he is pictured with the book. It probably won’t be long until he wants to change the wallpaper, or take down his planets poster. But, for the time being let’s all Look Up! one more time, and point our telescopes to the stars… just like Rocket!”

DID YOU KNOW, that pupils who attend our Literacy Lab at Hollydale Primary School in South London, created their own pieces of writing about the Astronaut Mae Jamison, and you can see a photo below!

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