We are delighted to announce that we have been voted by the staff of the University of London to become their UK Charity of the Year, alongside their International Charity Partner Street Child. The University of London is a federal research university containing 18 member institutions, central academic bodies and research institutes with over 1,000 staff members.

The anonymous staff member who nominated The Children’s Literacy Charity reasoned: “I am a strong believer in education from an early age. If children miss out on the first elementary steps, it is very hard if not almost impossible for them to make up for it at some point later in life. Literacy is essential to lead a decent life and instrumental for all stages of education.”

The partnership will run for three years until 2022, with University of London staff volunteering for the charity, as well as hosting a calendar of exciting events to help raise vital funds to support our provision of Literacy Labs in deprived areas, which help children like Abigail improve their literacy through our dedicated, one-to-one specialist tuition.

Michelle Bennett, Head of Fundraising at The Children’s Literacy Charity, said, “We are proud to have been chosen as the University of London’s UK Charity of the Year. 1 in 3 children from disadvantaged backgrounds leave primary school unable to read at the expected level.   Not being able to read and write holds you back at every stage of life with the University of London’s support, we will be able to improve the life chances of more children and close their reading age gap.”

For more information on how your organisation could help support our work please contact Michelle Bennett on michelle.bennett@theclc.org.uk.

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