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We are delighted to announce that The Children’s Literacy Charity has been appointed as a Tuition Partner for the Department for Education’s National Tutoring Programme.  Now that the charity is an accredited Tuition Partner,  schools can use their NTP funding to subsidise the cost of our Reading Lab programme.

Reading Lab

Designed as an intensive 10-week catch up for KS2 pupils needing extra support, Reading Lab focuses on vocabulary development, reading fluency and comprehension to help narrow the literacy gap for those children who need the most help.  Delivered by our own specialist tutors on a 1:3 basis,  typically children start on the programme on average 19 months behind and in 10 weeks pupils narrow their literacy gap by on average 10 months. 

Julie Taylor, Education Lead at the CLC says:

“Reading Lab provides children with a toolbox of skills enabling them to become fluent and confident readers.

Not only do our Reading Labs motivate and excite the children as they explore ideas in a small group, but they develop a confidence that allows them to return to the classroom where reading has a greater purpose and meaning.

Feedback from our Reading Lab schools shows that as well as beginning to read for pleasure, children also have greater engagement in the classroom, making an active contribution and accessing the whole curriculum in a more self-assured manner.  In ten weeks, they become resilient learners, able to address more complex texts and ideas with skills which will undoubtedly support their transition to the secondary curriculum.”

Isabel Greenwood, CEO at the CLC comments:

“We have always been very proud of the high standards of our specialist tuition and the difference we can make to a child’s life.  While we are a small charity, it is pleasing that the quality of our work has been recognised by the DfE. Our catch up Reading Lab programme was our response to the growing evidence that disadvantaged children in particular were adversely affected by Covid lockdowns.  We support some of the most disadvantaged children in society, giving their literacy skills a much needed boost, and we look forward to working with more schools and helping more children to close their literacy gap”.

NTP Funding Summary 

  • For every pupil who is eligible for Pupil Premium, schools receive £162 of funding from the NTP but the NTP funding does not have to be used only for Pupil Premium children
  • If a school wishes to access external tutoring, the NTP will cover 60% of the tutoring cost, up to a maximum hourly rate per pupil of £18
  • For Reading Lab,  the 10-week, 1:3 programme (15 hours, delivered twice a week in 45 minute sessions) costs £18 per hour so the full cost per pupil is £270 per 10 week block
  • Using NTP funding to subsidise this will mean the school only pays 40% of the £18 per hour cost ie £7.20 per hour or £108 per pupil per programme
  • The NTP subsidy is most cost effective when used against our Reading Lab intervention
  • While NTP funding can be used against our Literacy Lab programme, because the Literacy Lab hourly costs are higher than £18, the school will still only receive 60% of £18 –  £10.80 per hour – as the NTP contribution towards the Literacy Lab cost.

If you would like to register your interest in our Reading Lab programme, please complete the form below.

Alternatively if you would like to discuss either Reading Lab or Literacy Lab in person, please email and we will respond as soon as possible.

As we focus our work on children from disadvantaged backgrounds, we will give priority to schools serving areas of educational and economic deprivation.   

DfE guidance for schools on the 22/23 National Tutoring Programme is available here.