The Children’s Literacy Charity is excited to announce a brand new partnership with West London Zone (WLZ). The WLZ initiative seeks to improve children’s lives in a deprived area of inner West London. Inspired by the Harlem Children’s Zone model in New York City, the WLZ works closely with other organisations to provide opportunities for children in need.

This term, we’re launching new Literacy Labs at five schools in the area – Ark Swift, Ark Bentworth, Ark Brunel, Ark Conway and Bevington Primary School – providing places for children at risk of being left behind in their literacy learning. In our Literacy Labs, these children will receive individual expert support twice a week from our literacy tutors. These children will also be supported by link workers from WLZ, who will work alongside our literacy tutors to ensure children attend sessions and that their learning is extended.

Our CEO Matthew Hickey explains how the partnership came about. “The aspiration of our charity is to reach more children in more places. We feel that our priorities align closely with those of the WLZ and believe our intervention has the potential to make a huge impact for these children, especially as the link workers have existing relationships with the children and understand the needs they have.

Jenny Hoyle, from WLZ, said, “We’re really looking forward to working with The Children’s Literacy Charity this year to help children in West London progress their literacy skills and build their confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

We look forward to updating you with further details of our work in WLZ as term gets underway!

Find out more about our Literacy Labs.

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